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Education Location Brings Students and Schools Together!

Education Location is your source for pre-licensing and continuing education classes for a wide range of fields. Whether you’re looking to learn in a physical classroom or online, continuing education and pre-licensing courses available through our site will satisfy your instructional needs.

Education Location makes it easy to sign up for high-quality state and federally approved courses. If you are seeking your initial license or are trying to renew your existing license, you can find the Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education courses you need through our site. This includes a wide variety of Defensive Driving or Traffic School courses as well.

It is very easy to locate the right course. Simply choose your state and your course type, then scan through all of the resulting course listings. You will see the courses listed by school and course name, and it is a simple matter to compare course descriptions, prices, and other attributes that each course features.

For individuals who are wishing to renew their license, we can lead you to opportunities for collecting those valuable continuing education (CE) credits. Some of the most often searched courses include Real Estate Continuing Education, Mortgage or Loan Officer Continuing Education, Insurance Continuing Education, Electricians Continuing Education, Home Inspection or Inspectors Continuing Education, and Insurance Appraisal or Appraisers Continuing Education. You have access to many continuing education schools through Education Location.

For individuals who are trying to satisfy the educational requirements to attain their initial license, we have opportunities for you as well. Some of the most often searched courses include Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses, Mortgage or Loan Officer Pre-Licensing Courses, Insurance License Pre-License Courses, Home Inspectors Pre-License Courses, and Insurance Appraisers Pre-License Courses.

In addition, we have a very high number of users who search our system for Defensive Driving or Traffic School Courses as well as both Teen Driver Education Courses and Adult Driver Education Courses.